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Sukho Cusine Thai Cooking School is a quality Thai cooking school. Suitable for Thais and foreigners who love to cook Thai food. Has a passion for carving fruits and vegetables to decorate dishes. By focusing on not spending much time with getting value and Beauty as well
Our school teaches in accordance with the standard Thai food curriculum. By Thai chefs who speak English very well. Passed a training course in Thai cooking until becoming an expert person who is passed the National Skills Standards test in the Thai food field.
Our school wants to preserve and transmit the wisdom of Thai food and Thai vegetable and fruit carving. Which is something that indicates the pride of being Thai is the national identity. It is a cultural heritage of food. That ancestors have accumulated and passed down from generation to generation It is worthy of preservation and inheritance so that Thai food and Thai carvings will remain in the land of Thailand.

However, in learning about Thai food; we will also tell about eating how each type of food within has eating teaching of history; For example how to eat properly in order to get better at eating Thai food It is very important for tourists who come to Thailand that many times they have tasted Thai food. But not impressed because they have eaten the wrong method. And our study, we also teach how to choose equipment. Selection of ingredients for cooking, how to choose the correct ingredients.

logo Carving Fruit & Vegetable

This class teaching about how to carving, how to use equipment, knife and decaroate the dishes after carving.

fruit carving
vegetable carving

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The class offer lunch, dinner and dinner with local fresh market shopping. Each class will teach you to cook three dishes varities of appertizer, soup and main course.


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Koh Lanta - Krabi - Thailand.

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